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Fun Fact

On average a person spends 43 minutes in a grocery store. Instead this year get 37 hours more of Gym & building yourself, or that guitar lesson you always wanted, Or go to those Football games with kids like you promised.

How ?

The wait is over and Groceryster is here to bridge your gaps. We deliver your groceries at your doorstep while you are attending a meeting or just relaxing at home with a series marathon.

About us

Sangeeta Kumari


I often heard you should be the change you seek.

When I was pursuing my Masters as a full time student, I had no car just like many students. I had difficulty buying the groceries as I had to rely on the bus or take a taxi. Of course, a taxi would be costly and a bus was not a convenient option since I had to change at least 2 buses. This became even more challenging while returning as I would have shopping bags in both hands.

Even today when I go to buy groceries, I see many people facing what I faced, struggling what I struggled with. During Covid times, going to stores or standing in queues became a hassle.

As I researched more and more, I realized there is no online grocery delivery option for South Asian stores. So, I started working on a solution to build a platform to have convenience of shopping from anywhere with an option of contactless grocery delivery at your doorstep.

Mission & Vision

We hand pick groceries to ensure you get the best quality of goods. All of the prices are competitive and we guarantee satisfaction with our service.
We stay true to our mission by keeping our focus on the vision.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between grocery stores and people

Our Vision

To provide a seamless experience with a blend of happiness and nostalgia through our digital platform

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Groceryster is a mobile application platform with an option of contactless grocery delivery at your doorstep