1. What areas do you cover?

South Florida regions: Miami, North Miami, Miami Beach, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, Miami Gardens, South Miami, Kendall, Doral.

We envision to include more areas as we continue to grow.


2. What products do you supply?

We have South Asian products - a total of 20 categories with 43 subcategories.  

We envision adding more products of other category types as we continue to grow.


3. How many products are available?

We have over 3000+ products combining all available stores.

We envision to include more products as we continue to grow.


4. What happens if I want to cancel or return my product/order?

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product/order or experience, you can cancel/return the product/order and a complete refund will be provided back to the original method of payment.

We encourage you to read our Policies for the latest information.


5. How can I contact Groceryster?

You can contact us directly through the Contact Us page in the Groceryster application or write to us at support@groceryster.com.


6. Where can I read about the policies?

Our Policies are available in the Groceryster mobile application for easy access. You can also find a copy of these policies on our website - www.groceryster.com.

All the policies are up to date and timely reviewed for changes and complete transparency to all the users.


7. Why am I being charged a specific amount for the delivery fee & processing fee?

The fees included with each order is part of our policy.

We encourage you to read our Policies for the latest information.


8. How can I avail an existing/current offer while placing an order?

We have designed all our offers in such a way that the offer is automatically applied either to the order or at the checkout time in order to provide a seamless experience with the purchase.


9. Where can I find information about the product?

All the Information you need before you decide to buy a product is present in the product detail page: Detailed Product Description, Ingredients, Weights, Measures, Use & Similar Suggestions from other brands or sizes.

The page also provides zoomable pictures of the products displayed.


10. What happens to the Tip amount?

We have designed our business model to ensure everyone gets their fair share of the efforts they put in.

The tip of each order goes straight to the delivery person assisting us with that specific order.


11. How can I review or comment about my recent purchase/experience?

We love to hear about your valuable suggestions and feedback. We encourage you to provide your feedback in order to be able to assist you in the best possible way.

You can do so through our Review page in the Groceryster application or by directly posting a review online.